Randy Shepherd

December 2, 2016
December 2, 2016 Techguru

Randy Shepherd

Don’t miss it…..11am…..Randy Shepherd with Crossfire Ministries will be speaking. ……his passion is evangelism and he will be encouraging us to share our faith with others……remember we are All IN!!!!!!!!!

Here is some information about Randy and His ministry. ……….

From 1988 until the present, Randy has ministered and preached the gospel in sixty-four nations… Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Ukraine, Russia, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Israel, Bahamas, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Fiji Islands, Virgin Islands, Romania, Australia, England, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Greece, Costa Rica, Jordan, Italy, Turkey and many others.

Randy has also spoken and witnessed the Gospel in over 45 states across the US in 100’s of churches, schools, colleges, universities, prisons and one-on-one opportunities. In order to draw crowds to share the gospel message of the Lord Jesus Christ and give a personal testimony, Randy uses the basketball in the following ways: he spins the ball on a spoon while eating ice cream, on a tooth brush while brushing his teeth and he also spins it on a cell phone. He demonstrates some of the late “Pistol Pete” Maravich ball handling drills

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